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Our Cattle


Park Farm, where Lydiard Turkeys are based, has had cattle for generations.  In the past we had a dairy herd, but now we have beef cattle and specialise in 100% Pasture Fed beef.  

We have our own on farm butchery and focus on producing easy to cook, great tasting beef - and keeping control of as much of the process as we can all the way from pasture to plate.  We want you to be certain that our beef is fully traceable and that you can talk to the people involved in all parts of the process.

We also believe we have a great story to tell - from the species rich meadows which our cows are fed from to the award winning cattle.

The breeding cattle are kept at Waterhay Farm, just down the road near Cricklade.  This is on the banks of the river Thames and has a large area of wetlands very rich in wildlife.  The breeding cattle are cross bred and we use a Hereford or cross bred bull.  We calve in the early spring and mid summer.  Upon weaning, the year old animals move the short distance to Park Farm where Chris grazes them in a rotational grazing system.  This means they get a new paddock every day so the best nutrition possible and stay healthy.

Both farms use no artificial fertiliser, and a lot of organic farming principles, but we are not currently organically certified.

We use a local small abattoir near Stroud, and always take the cattle ourselves with our own trailer.  The quarters of beef are then delivered back to us and aged in our chillers before butchering and packing in our own butchery.  If you have any questions do get in touch.


Snakeshead fritillary flower
Calf in the long grass
Cows crossing the River Thames

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