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Our Farm

Lydiard Turkeys is run by Chris and Lindsay on the family farm just outside Swindon. 

The Rumming family has been here since 1914 and ever since then the farming activities have been continually changing. 

Milk was produced on the farm until 2002 and since then the main farming has been high welfare beef production. 


Sheep have recently reappeared on the farm after a 10 year break. Lindsay has a growing flock of pedigree Oxford Down sheep which she sells as breeding stock and as lamb boxes to the public.

Lindsay can be seen at many agricultural shows in the summer months showing her sheep and has received 'Breed Champion' 2 years in a row at the Royal Bath and West.




In 2008 we started producing a few turkeys and since then numbers have steadily increased.  These now occupy a paddock that is gradually being transformed into a fruit orchard.


The farm tries to encourage wildlife where ever possible and the wide uncut field margins and hedges provide cover for many birds and insects. The farm is home to at least 70 bird species, the latest addition to the list was a little egret that visited the farm pond. 

Our pair of resident barn owls successfully raised another family, this year we managed to catch the adult bringing voles to the young on our wildlife camera.

Lydiard Turkeys farm wildlife

Lydiard Turkeys farm wildlife

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