A few frequently asked questions

About the turkeys: why are they different from other turkeys?

What does bronze mean?

        Bronze is the breed of turkey which we produce.  It is named after the fantastic bronze sheen to its plumage.  It is an old traditional breed, and is much slower growing than modern white varieties.  It also has an extra layer of fat under the skin and the meat is marbled, and so tastes better, and cooks a little faster.  The breed was kept going by enthusiasts and was classed as a rare breed until turkey hero Paul Kelly brought them back from the brink of extinction.  Now they are seen as the ultimate Christmas turkey.

Where are your turkeys slaughtered?

        All of the turkeys are slaughtered on the farm in our processing area, this means that our turkeys never go through the stresses of transportation which can lead to damaged birds and tough meat. Chris always says if he couldn't have full control in the process he would stop rearing turkeys.

 We are trained and licensed in humane slaughter practises and strictly follow the correct procedure, one bird at a time.

We are also members of the Humane Slaughter Association.

Have your turkeys been “hung”?

        Yes, the turkeys are hung for at least 7 days.  This is the process after slaughter and plucking where the turkey is hung in a cool room for the flavour to develop, cheaper turkeys will not be hung at all or for a shorter period.  After this it is butchered, put in a box and collected or delivered.  (Some producers hang for up to 2 weeks, but our feedback has shown that one week gives the flavour that most people like.)


What do you feed your turkeys and are they organic?

        We feed our turkeys a cereal based feed made from grain, supplemented with windfall apples and some fresh vegetables/horticultural disasters!  No routine antibiotics are used and the feed is also free of added antibiotics.  They also forage in their outside area.

Our turkeys are not organic due  to the feed not being certified organic, this would significantly increase the price if we were to become organic. We have found the main interest from our customers is that they are fully traceable and reared in a free range environment.

How do you pluck your turkeys?

        Our turkeys are simply plucked dry by hand.  This can take quite a while but ensures the highest quality finish. 

The majority of  supermarket turkeys are wet plucked which gives that 'slimy' appearance 

Why are the supermarkets cheaper?

        For a like for like product, i.e. a free range dry plucked and hung bronze turkey, we are actually cheaper by at least £1.00 per kg.

Ours also come with recipe card and herbs.   

Ordering questions:

Are the turkeys oven ready?

       All of our turkeys are provided beautifully presented and fully butchered ready for the oven just as you would find in a supermarket or butchers.

I would like a cooked turkey, can you provide this?

       We offer Oven ready whole turkeys or crowns ready for you to prepare and cook to your liking. All of the images on this website are serving suggestions only. Full cooking instructions are provided with your turkey to enable you to cook "The perfect Christmas turkey" it's not as scary as you may think!

When do I need to order by?

        We only produce a limited number of turkeys each year and it is first come first served. Orders are taken from 1st October and we usually sell out beginning of December so we would recommend getting your order in ASAP. We can usually accommodate a slight size change if needed.

What size do I need?

      Visit the online shop and the size of turkey serving sizes are displayed.  The size guide does allow a little for left overs.

Our turkeys are presented ready for the oven and come complete with recipe leaflet and herbs to help you get the best from your Lydiard Turkey. 


How do I order?

             Visit our online shop  to browse the range of turkeys that we do, once you have made your choice select and add to bag then go to checkout and complete the order. All details need to be filled in for the order to be processed, your details are entirely safe. The payment is processed by Sage Pay and you will receive 2 emails almost immediately upon placing your order, one from Lydiard Turkeys which is confirmation of your order which has details of what you have ordered, how much you have paid and details about collection . You will also receive an email from Sagepay and this is regarding your payment.

Why do you no longer take deposits for turkey orders?

           We made the decision in 2018 to only accept payment in full at time of ordering rather than a £20 deposit. This is in line with all other online shopping websites and enables us to keep our prices down (by saving us  high bank charges) and also helps us provide a more efficent service at collection.

When can I collect my turkey?

        We have 2 collection days Tuesday 22nd December and Wednesday 23rd December 2020 between 10.00 and 18.00 outside of these times by prior arrangement only.

Your order confirmation email will be sent out with further details about how to find us, we are located Near Lydiard Park between Royal Wootton Bassett and Swindon.

I would like to purchase turkeys for my staff as a Christmas gift, do you offer a discount?

        Yes we do offer discount for orders of 5 turkeys or more. Please email or call to discuss your requirements.


Can I come and visit the turkeys? 

         We can accommodate pre-arranged visits for groups with a short tour of the farm please email if you are interested,

We also host a bi-annual open day for our Customers by invitation only so make sure you are signed up to our mailing list.


Do you have a farm shop? 

        Lydiard Turkeys is run from our home on the farm.

We can only accept orders  via our on line shop, if you need assistance with ordering please telephone or email us and we will be happy to help.

We can’t accept orders at the farm as we need to correctly log your details on to our computer system and due to the nature of our business we aren’t always available.

**Update - From August 2020 we have been running a fortnightly pop up farm shop selling our own meat (Beef and lamb) plus foods from other like minded local farms. Keep an eye on the homepage and our facebook page for the next dates.



I would like an exact weight?

     Turkeys are supplied within a 900g window i.e 5kg - 5.9kg.  We are unable to offer turkeys at specific weights within this band.

Please order within a weight band you are happy to receive, We can not fulfil requests for the top end of the weight range, if you know you need more meat please order the next size up.

I have heard the taste of a female turkey is much better so would like a hen bird, is this possible?

         Unlike with some other meats, such as pork which can get what is called boar taint from the male animal. Taste tests have shown that this does not effect turkeys.

However, the majority of our turkeys are hens (females), we only have around 12 stags (males) to produce some of the larger birds. 

We would not be able guarantee you would get a hen turkey but if you order one below 6.5kg it will more than likely be female due to size.

Do you deliver?  

        Yes, we can deliver locally to postcodes: SN1, SN2, SN3, SN4, SN5, SN6, SN25, SN26, SN38  on Tuesday 22nd December, time to be confirmed. If you are just outside of these areas please contact us as we may still be able to deliver.

If you are local to swindon why not collect from the farm and enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie! 

We also offer a 'click and collect' style service at Aquatic Habitat (Next to Blooms garden centre) Shurdington, Gloucester, On Tuesday 22nd December between 10am and 11am

Cooking and storage:

My fridge is full of Christmas goodies, where shall I put it? 

        A common question. Please remember that your turkey is the most important part of  your Christmas meal so we always recommend that you eat the cheese and drink the beer and do your best to put it in the fridge as December is not guaranteed to be cold! 

If you really can't put it in the fridge put it somewhere cool, like a garage and cover it.  Don’t leave it in a heated room.  Make sure vermin and pets cant get to it and also make sure it doesn’t freeze! 


How do I cook it?

        There are many ways, but we include a fully described roasting method in our recipe card which is supplied with your turkey.  

How do I know if the turkey is fully cooked?

        This is very important.  Like all poultry the meat must be fully cooked before you can eat it.  The cooking times provided with the bird by us are a approximate so you must do a test.  You can test to see if your turkey is cooked by inserting a skewer in to the inside of the thigh an thick parts of the meat.  If there is a trace of pink in the juice, return the turkey  to the oven and cook for a little longer, then check again.

The best method is to use a meat thermometer and as soon as it has reached 70 degrees (in the thick meaty parts) it is done please don't over cook it and leave to rest for at least 30 minutes before carving.


I wont be eating the turkey until new year will it be ok in the fridge?

        All our turkeys are butchered around the 21st December and this is assuming they will be cooked on Christmas day. We would therefore recommend that the turkey is frozen and then thoroughly defrosted  for when needed. We do not have the facilities to freeze turkeys on site as we provide all ours fresh.


I need a turkey for Thanksgiving/early December can you supply me with one?

        Unfortunately we cannot supply turkeys for thanksgiving/early December as all of our turkeys are processed purely for Christmas. There is a possibility we could supply from the 18th December but please contact us to discuss before ordering.

I would like a pet turkey, can you supply one?

       No, we will not supply anyone with a live turkey, they are social animals and need to be kept in a group. 

Have you got a question that we haven’t answered? 

Please email or phone us, we’ll be pleased to answer it.



Tel 01793 881215  orders@lydiardturkeys.co.uk