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The Lydiard Turkeys team



Chris with a turkey

Chris Rumming is in charge of the day to day care and welfare of the turkeys and is never happier than when he is tending to his flock. When not doing this he is normally making things in his shed, growing giant vegetables or performing his duties as the assistant shepherd. 

Chris also manages the beef cattle at Park Farm.

At our pop-up farm shops Chris can be found next to the chill counter and freezer ready to advise on what cut of meat customers should try - His favourite recommendations being a mutton chump chop or a beef hangar steak!

Lindsay with her favourite sheep
Canoeing cairn

Lindsay Rumming (Chris's wife) is in charge of the expanding Oxford Down sheep flock. She is incredibly passionate about further developing the breed and helping to try and get it popular for commercial use again.

She is in charge of all things website and online shop related and is very proud of her extensive list of FAQ's! She can be found on the till at our pop-up farm shops.

Lindsay butchers all the lamb and mutton in our on farm butchery.

Colin Rumming joined the team in 2013 and is incharge of security (along with his two much bigger friends that live next door)  He also assists in the office. When not working he likes to spend his time on holiday in Scotland or asleep on the sofa. He has recently taken up kayaking and cycling!

Owel the cat in the office

Owel Rumming joined the team in 2011, he is the office assistant and is very good at walking across the keyboard as important things are being typed. When not assisting in the office he can be found curled up asleep on the window ledge.

Andy in the butchery

Andy Rumming (Chris's brother) is in charge of the breeding of the cattle at Waterhay Farm, near Cricklade.

Andy butchers all the beef in our on farm butchery

He is involved in all aspects of turkey processing, and you will see him at our collection point at Shurdington and at Park Farm collection.



We also have a great team of pluckers and butchers who use their annual holiday to come and work with us for a few days over Christmas each year.

They all have really high standards and each turkey is thoroughly inspected during each process to make sure your Lydiard Turkey really is "The perfect Christmas turkey"

& pop-up farm shop

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