5kg                                                10 - 12

     6kg                                                14 - 16


Lydiard Turkeys size guide

Traditional whole turkey

4 - 4.9kg                                     4 - 6

Approximate size                     Approximate servings

6 - 6.9kg                                    8 - 10 

7 - 7.9kg                                    10 - 14

5 - 5.9kg                                     6 - 8

8 - 8.9kg                                    14 - 18

9 - 9.9kg                                    18 - 22

10 - 10.9kg                               22 +

Our whole birds are the traditional oven ready turkey with separately vacuum packed giblets.

Available in sizes ranging from 4kg – 10kg.

A limited number of smaller (less that 4kg) or larger (greater than 10kg) turkeys may be available please call or email to discuss your requirements.

Turkey crown

3kg                                                       4 - 6 

Approximate size                     Approximate servings

4kg                                                      6 - 8

Our turkey crowns are a whole turkey but with legs and back removed, no giblets are included.

Available in  3kg, 4 kg, 5kg and 6kg sizes (A very limited number of larger crowns may be available if required please call or email to discuss, if you need a turkey to serve more people we really do recommend a whole bird as it cooks much better than a crown) 

These are approximate serving guides only and allow for a small amount of leftovers but please remember to allow for hungry people and turkey lovers! (See recipe leaflet included with your turkey for ideas)

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If you have a query that hasn't been answered here please feel free to send us an email orders@lydiardturkeys.co.uk