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This Month on the Farm - February

It’s a good job the sheep are better insulated than we are, today has been bitterly cold but this doesn’t deter the sheep and growing lambs from wanting to get outside as soon as they’ve hoovered up their breakfast. The last lambs to be born were a second set of triplets, they are doing well as the ewe is very attentive but its incredible to see the size difference between them and the lambs that are 6 weeks older – they grow so quick!

Over the last few weeks in between sheep jobs I’ve been making and putting up nest boxes to help our amber and red listed birds (the ones that are declining and need our help). These have included a pair of swift boxes, a kestrel box and at the pond an artificial bank with a nest chamber for the kingfisher. This has been a fair bit of work but will be more than worth it if they are used. The kingfisher bank has a nest camera installed so I’m keeping everything crossed that they move in and raise a family. To see the what I’ve built please have a look at www.facebook.com/lydiardturkeys

I recently had the opportunity to visit a farmer in Lincolnshire who has done amazing things for the birds on his farm. He had seen them declining as the agriculture in his area had got more intensive. This was resulting in few insects and arable weeds for the birds to feed on. He started planting strips of millet, brassicas and other plants specifically to be left un-harvested to provide a source of seeds for the birds. He now has clouds of finches and his farm is a wildlife haven. On my visit I was lucky enough to see my first Tree Sparrow and Brambling, two species that I haven’t seen on our farm…. yet.

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