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This Month on the Farm - October

Its hard to believe that the run up to Christmas is well under way! Im always amazed how organized people are, as soon as the online shop opens in October we have a flurry of customers ordering. We also have to be pretty organized ourselves, with lots to plan well in advance of December to make sure everything runs smoothly. The trouble is that no matter how hard I try the job list never gets any shorter!

We have had the pleasure of showing two tours of Wiltshire WI members around the farm and have another WI tour coming up soon. I love the opportunity to show people the work that goes into looking after the livestock and encouraging the wildlife, with the WI your always guaranteed to get plenty of questions to keep you on your toes.

The NFU recently invited me to do a presentation to a group of turkey farmers on the subject of on line selling and using social media, the talk went down well with but when I asked one farmer at the end if he used twitter he informed me that he wasn’t a fan of technology and didn’t even have a television – oh well, at least I tried.

We have thankfully had a weekend trip to Pembrokeshire to return Bramble (the ram) to his owner and week away in the camper to recharge our batteries.

WI tour of the turkeys

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