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This Month on the Farm - September

There’s definitely been an autumnal feel to the air for the last few mornings and sadly the evenings are beginning to draw in at an ever-increasing pace. It’s this change in day length brings the ewes into season, something that hasn’t gone un-noticed by Bramble, the ram that’s on loan to us. Bramble has been running with the ewes for the last 5 weeks and if the all is well lambs should be arriving just after Christmas. Bramble has an oily paint called raddle applied to his chest and this allows us to see which ewes have been mated so in theory we know the approximate lambing dates.

Now that I have finished fencing, the turkeys are enjoying even more paddock space then they had last year. The young fruit trees in the paddock are beginning to bare a small crop, I picked damsons a few days ago, the turkeys polished of the ones that had gone past there best swallowing them whole – stones and all!

To our delight the farm pond has become a regular fishing spot for a Kingfisher. In the past we have only ever caught very occasional glimpses of these stunning little birds whizzing along our brook but over the last couple of weeks one has been spotted almost daily, often diving from the perch I provided him to catch fish.

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