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This Month on the Farm - August 2017

Last December we carefully packed up one of our turkeys and sent it to be blind tasted by the Guild of Fine Foods. So it came as quite a surprise the other day to receive an email informing us we had won a two star Great Taste Award! Over twelve thousand entries were judged with 35% being awarded a one, two or three star rating. We were thrilled to be one of only five turkey producers to gain a 2 star – the highest award for a turkey this year. Its fantastic to have a team of experienced judges confirm that you’re doing it right. Perhaps we should have celebrated with a mulled wine.

And while we’re on the subject of good news – we have just passed our second TB test meaning that we are clear and able to send cattle to market. This is a big relief as it gives us more options and flexibility when it comes to selling our stock. It also means we go back to testing the whole herd every six months rather than every two months.

Good news on the wildlife too! We have found a small colony of Small Copper butterflies on the headland of one of the maize fields, although not rare I haven’t seen one for several years and they really are beautiful. This is the 19th species of butterfly seen on the farm this year.

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