• Lindsay Rumming

Our first open day

On Sunday 1st November we opened the farm gates to a few of our excisting customers so they could come and see the turkeys in the barn and paddocks and also take a look around our processing facilities if they so wished.

What a great sucess it was! We had about 20 people attend and they were shown the poult rearing house (Where they live under heat for the first 3 weeks) Their paddocks (Which they go out into from around 4 weeks) their inside space and our processing facilities. We were a bit worried that we might bore a few people as we are rather passionate about our birds and do tend to rabbit on but everyone was asking questions about health, welfare and the processing.

The tour also included a look at my pedigree flock of Oxford Down sheep and I even had some orders for lamb boxes (available around Mid-May)

The afternoon finsihed with a cup of tea in the barn and the opportunity to look at some farm photos.

Thank you very much to all that attended and for being our guinea pigs!

We shall now make this an annual event by invitation only so make sure you are on our mailing list if you are interested in coming next year.


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