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Turkeys growing up!

This video shows the turkeys at 13 days old it was filmed on the 16th July 2015 but due to technical difficulties I have only just managed to upload it! It shows how they have progressed in a very short space of time and they are now nearly fully feathered and will soon be off heat.

We hope to be letting them out into their outside paddock this week (they are now 23 days old) as long as the rain can hold off for a few days.

To be classed as free range a bird only has to have access to the outside for half their lives, that means that technically our birds dont need to go outside until they are 12 weeks old, we get our turkeys out as soon as they are feathered and the weather is favourable, around 3 weeks, this means that they are not afraid of the outside world and spend the majority of the daylight hours outside roaming around our newly planted fruit orchard and are able to behave as a turkey should!

Video to follow!

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