Our online shop is currently closed but will open for beef orders again on April 9th

The beef is organised by Andy Rumming (Chris's brother) and comes from animals born at Waterhay Farm and reared at Park Farm.  All the beef is 100% Pasture Fed which means it has only ever eaten grass and herbs - no grain, soya or byproducts.  We use the cattle to create wildlife rich pastures and to build soil carbon - so you can eat our beef with a clear environmental conscious.

We cut and pack all the beef in our butchery at Park Farm ourselves and aim to offer a wide selection of cuts that are easy to cook, and taste great.  

We offer 4 different selection boxes; 

The family box - 1 top side or silverside joint, one other joint,  quick cook steaks (flat iron or bavette), 2 packets of high quality mince, 2 packets of stewing steak, total weight 5kg    £60


The cooks box - 1 topside or silverside large joint, 2 other joints, 4 quick cook steaks, 4 packets of high quality mince, 2 packets of chuck or braising steak, 2 packets of shin, total weight 10kg  £110


The Just for 2 box - Designed with meal solutions for 2 people, tried and tested recipies included, 1 small joint, 2 sirloin steaks, bavette or flat iron steak, 2 packets of mince, 2 packets of stewing steak  £55

Just Mince - 4 packets of our high quality mince.  Around 15% fat so great for burgers, chilli and more, where you want real flavour!  £16